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11th October, 2017
During this annual meeting, all members of SWE at Mines came together for one picture! This was a great opportunity for all members to discuss their experiences thus far with SWE. Officers also educated members about the remaining events for the Fall Semester.... More
25th September, 2017
SWE Officers met to discuss upcoming service and social opportunities for members. Officers also completed the Leadership Competency Model from the SWE National Organization. These results will allow for a better understanding on how our officers can improve their leadership skills in order to perfo... More
11th September, 2017
SWE Officers met to discuss upcoming events for the Fall Semester. Officers were educated about the S2S events and participation, as well as public speaking opportunities.... More
4th October, 2017
This was a very special meeting for SWE at Mines. Liz Schwarze with Chevron presented for the 20th Anniversary of WISEM (Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics). During her speech, she gave insight to members about her experiences in the field and educated SWE about the different kinds of op... More
27th September, 2017
Dr. Rod Eggart spoke to SWE during our weekly meetings about the Critical Materials Institute. During his presentation, he educated members about the different kinds of materials and how members could get involved—he even offered a tour of the institute to all of SWE!... More
20th September, 2017
Becky Luna from Carollo Engineers informed SWE members about engineering in construction and water. During her presentation, she also gave advice on the work-life balance.... More
13th September, 2017
Carol Finn from the United States Geological Survey Center spoke to SWE members about her experience in the engineering field. She educated members specifically about the nuances in the Federal Government and how they affect the STEM field.... More
6th September, 2017
During the Career Day Meeting, Faculty Advisors and SWE Officers educated members about professional etiquette in order to prepare for Career Day.... More
10th October, 2017
SWE members assisted the Sacred Heart House of Denver with their Childcare Program, where members interacted with children while their mothers participated in life-skills classes.... More
10th October, 2017
SWE members assisted Sacred Heart House in their Childcare program. Members interacted with children while their mothers were in a life-skills class, another program that Sacred Heart offers for single mothers.... More
12th October, 2017
SWE members hosted a craft party at the Children's Hospital in time for the Halloween spirit! Members helped the children make pumpkin chains, hanging spiders, and Frankenstein faces.... More
7th October, 2017
SWE members organized and participated in the annual Girl Scout Engineering Day at the Colorado School of Mines. Young Girl Scouts attended the event in order to receive hands-on experience with science and learn all about engineering.... More
1st October, 2017
SWE members assisted the National Kidney Foundation in running this event dedicated to celebrating life, supporting the Foundation’s mission, and educating the public about kidney disease in order to raise awareness.... More
26th September, 2017
SWE members assisted the Sacred Heart House with their In-House Stabilization Program by playing with and teaching children while their mothers participated in life skills classes. The Sacred Heart House of Denver "offers a continuum of services to homeless mothers with children and single women, wh... More
28th September, 2017
SWE members assisted Mitchell Elementary School with their annual Math and Science Night. SWE partnered with the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) to teach the elementary students about computer science and electronics with fun activities such as Binary Bracelets.... More
29th September, 2017
Members of SWE helped the Mines Foundation with their annual Homecoming Alumni Event. Members spoke with past members of SWE and discussed how to further improve the role of women in the STEM field. ... More
30th September, 2017
SWE members assisted Freshwater Project International in their annual Walk for Freshwater. The members donated their money and time to raise awareness for Malawian communities, who struggle every day with a lack of freshwater resources and face parasitic diseases in the water they do have access to.... More
8th October, 2017 - 8th October, 2017
SWE members assisted the American Lung Association in their 11th annual Run the Rocks, an event that brings communities together to promote lung health and air quality. ... More
8th September, 2017
The Mines SWE S2S Team assisted the Mines Alumni Interest Group and the Astronomy club with their free annual Trajectories Event that included networking, presentations, and special speakers to introduce an interest in Aerospace on campus.... More
16th September, 2017
Volunteers assisted Foothills Animal Shelter in their annual Toby's Pet Parade for fundraising, adoptions, and celebration of pets.... More
10th September, 2017
Volunteers assisted Wings Over the Rockies with STEAM Day dedicated to empowering girls and children towards careers in STEAM.... More
21st September, 2017
SWE members interacted with the kids at Children’s Hospital by making "dancing apples" as a craft. ... More
11th September, 2017
SWE Volunteers helped organize an annual networking event for SWE members that involved faculty members, company representatives, and Mines staff.... More
17th September, 2017
SWE volunteers assisted Living Beyond Breast Cancer in their annual national yoga session to support survivors, honor victims, and raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer.... More
9th September, 2017 - 10th September, 2017
Assisting an elderly homeowner who is part of the local community with property repairs including: rebuilding a shed, rebuilding a fence, cleaning gutters on the roof, putting in paving stones, and cleaning windows.... More



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