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4th September, 2018
SWE members got together with Mines alumni/ mentors, who taught us how to dress well for Career Fair and an interview. They taught us how to hold ourselves with confidence and helped us improve our interview etiquette.... More
23rd September, 2018
We collected canned food to be donated to the Mines Food Pantry, a food pantry meant to help our peers. Pictured are some members who donated the food! ... More
4th September, 2018
This was the first event of our Mentorship Program. Upperclass Mentors met with their first-year mentees and shared general best practices and resources at Mines. ... More
27th September, 2018
SWE Members with members of the Acts of Random Kindness Society and oSTEM handed out balloons to celebrate National Love Everyone Day (Which was on September 30). The idea behind the balloons was that 1) balloons make people happy, and 2) there were 4 different colors of balloons, and people were to... More
12th September, 2018
Hannah Hebbers and Michelle Danaher came to speak with us about engineering design and give our members advice on how to gain the respect of peers who may be resistant. ... More
10th September, 2018
The Colorado School of Mines and many of the clubs around campus participated in an event for Suicide Prevention and Awareness Day. Members stopped by and helped make awareness ribbons, learn and share suicide prevention resources, and learn about mental health. (The blurred face in the background i... More
22nd September, 2018 - 27th September, 2018
We spray painted rocks, wrote compliments on them, and spread them throughout campus. This was partnering with oSTEM for Ally Week. ... More
3rd October, 2018
We hosted an activity for elementary school students that taught them about STEM. We had 9 volunteers, 2 are pictured with the alpacas from another booth! ... More
22nd September, 2018
SWE members hosted a booth at a day for high school students to see Mines and all it has to offer. We spoke with girls to encourage them to pursue STEM! ... More
15th September, 2018
We ade binary bracelets with about 50 children to teach them about coding... More
19th September, 2018
We hosted a craft party for the kids in the hospital... More



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