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7th September, 2018
For educational outreach, the career center came to speak with students about career fair prep, personal brands, and utilizing LinkedIn.... More
9th October, 2018
As engineering outreach, LTK came came to our university to invite women to explore the transportation industry and potential opportunities for women.... More
11th October, 2018
Students in engineering at TAMU go visit elementary schools and conduct STEM activities that teach the basics of engineering solutions... More
3rd October, 2018
labeled and filled 850 envelopes with flyers to sent to High Schools Across Texas... More
20th September, 2018
At Texas A&M, we hosted 100+ high school and middle school students while they heard form a guess speaker and astronaut, then toured our new engineering education center, and participated in STEM activities that we coordinated.... More
6th September, 2018
An educational outreach event that gathers engineering students to learn about unconventional corporations and how to have be a global employee... More



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