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16th September, 2017
Performed garden work to maintain Lubbock Arboretum and support community in preserve nature. We wanted to encouraged people to enjoy outdoor activities through garden's beauty. ... More
13th October, 2017
Set up competition field for WEST BEST Robotic competition involves 28 high schools in West Texas! We aimed to support high school robotic competition to encourage their interest in STEM careers.... More
8th October, 2017
Led tour for prospective students with Engineering interest around Texas Tech campus to encourage their pursuit of higher education in STEM. *More signatures of sign-in sheet compare to volunteers in photo because some volunteers left before the picture was taken. ... More
13th September, 2017 - 20th September, 2017
SWE had a bake sale and with the proceeds we purchased items to donate to the South Plains Food Bank for Hurricane Harvey Relief... More
7th October, 2017
Set up field for robotic competition at Monterey High School to support STEM education for high school students... More
7th October, 2017
Decorated spook maze to encourage young boys and girls to participate in physical activities for their growth development... More
4th October, 2017
Organized STEM activities to encourage high school girls taking interest in STEM career. Organized escape room game to teach students on computer science concept. ... More
21st September, 2017
Made activities books for children at Covenant Children's Hospital... More
16th September, 2017
Organized engineering activity to encouraged young girls interests in STEM career. Helped the girls built towers and structures from balloons, tape, and straws... More
22nd September, 2017
Wrote notes and cards with encouragement and support to special Olympic athletics for the upcoming Olympic competition ... More
19th September, 2017
Made no sew blanket for women in protective service... More
30th September, 2017
Volunteered with Boys and Girls club of Lubbock to build, decorate, and prepare for Spook maze event to encourage young girls and boys to participate in physical activities and deleveopment... More



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