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6th October, 2018
During this event, our volunteers unpacked and organized large loads of canned goods to be donated.... More
29th September, 2018
Assist with building and decorating homes for people in need... More
11th October, 2018
During this fun-filled event, our volunteers assisted elementary school-aged children with building a variety of objects using Keva planks and Rokenbok building blocks. We had the opportunity to teach these young children a bit about engineering as well.... More
29th September, 2018 - 29th September, 2018
Assisted with grading submitted notebooks from various schools for the BEST Robotics competition... More
27th September, 2018
Shopping for items to donate to the lubbock Boys and Girls Club to assist with decorating for their annual spook house.... More
21st September, 2018
After brainstorming ideas for creative and scary displays for the Spook House, a few of our volunteers went to some local stores to select items for decorating that matched the display theme.... More
8th September, 2018
The goal and purpose of the Lubbock Dream Center is to provide for the underserved communities within Lubbock. During our visit to the LDC, our volunteers assisted with donation sorting and the "Adopt-A-Block" initiative which involves visiting a particular neighborhood and informing residents about... More
29th September, 2018
During our third visit to the Boys & Girls Club, decorations were moved into the Spook House and the displays were mostly assembled.... More
22nd September, 2018
We assisted other volunteers with the annual El Grito celebration to ensure that the event ran smoothly without interruptions. We also had the opportunity to participate in this celebration of independence for many Latin American countries.... More
6th October, 2018
Middle schools and high schools in the West Texas area submitted notebooks for the annual BEST Robotics competition, and our volunteers were responsible for grading each notebook based on the quality of research obtained, the design process implemented, and supplemental materials included. ... More



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