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10th October, 2017
As a part of our skills seminar series, we hosted a LinkedIn seminar for our members. We educated members on proper etiquette for a LinkedIn page in terms of building your personal brand and how to come up on recruiter searches. Additionally, there was a Q&A session after the presentation. ... More
3rd October, 2017
Professional development hosted an event where they watched educational TED talks while taking a break from studying. After watching a TED talk, discussions were held on the content of the videos.... More
3rd October, 2017
At our second general meeting of the year, we welcomed all new and returning members from our first meeting. We discussed all of our upcoming events as well as educating everyone on tips for doing well in job interviews. ... More
3rd October, 2017
Team Tech hosted a study breakfast with bagels and juice this morning. Upperclassmen helped younger students study for their first round of midterms coming up this and next week. Time was also spent educating new members on all of the fun SWE week events happening this week. ... More
5th October, 2017
Special events hosted a donuts and studying event for their SWE week activity. Members enjoyed donuts while studying with each other for their upcoming midterms. Some upperclassmen also tutored some of the new students in their first year classes.... More
5th October, 2017
The collegiate mentorship committee hosted a study night with Halloween themed snacks. Mentorship pairs got the chance to study together and catch up with each other over caramel apples and cookies. ... More
6th October, 2017
The community service committee hosted an event where volunteers made cards for cancer patients in the hospital. Each volunteer made many cards and they were all later delivered to a local hospital. The volunteers were also provided with chips and queso to snack on while they worked.... More
18th September, 2017
To prepare for the Fall Career Fair, SWE hosted a personal brand workshop for all members. The event was aiming to educate students on how to market themselves and build a personal brand so as to impress the career fair recruiters. Topics like knowing and communicating your accomplishments, buildi... More
25th September, 2017
At the mentorship kickoff event, one upperclassmen and one underclassmen were paired up to be mentorship partners for the year. Mentors spent the hour educating to their mentees about college life, classes, SWE, and more. Mentors are also encouraged to reach out to their mentees throughout the sem... More
26th September, 2017
Project Linus event is a volunteer event when members of SWE make tie-blankets. All of the tie blankets made are then brought to the local hospital for children staying in the hospital.... More
26th September, 2017
SWERT hosts morning coffee hours to create a casual setting for current members of SWE to educate new students and members all about SWE. At this coffee hour, topics such as SWE week, how to become an active member, and the next general meeting were discussed.... More
15th September, 2017
At the MBC Blood Drive hosted by SWE, new and current members were able to come and volunteer their time helping run the blood drive. Members were also encouraged to donate blood themselves. ... More
29th September, 2017
The Public Relations committee held an informational meeting for open committee positions for the year. Public Relations manages many projects for SWE such as painting the bridge, designing new T-shirts, and more. New members were educated on how to become more involved with these projects and in ... More
28th September, 2017
A week after the College of Science and Engineering’s career fair, SWE hosted their own networking event. Companies were invited to come and network with SWE members and educate them about topics such as own their experiences in industry, work-life balance, and job opportunities. The networking ... More
4th September, 2017
The SWE officers spent the day educating the directors and committee members of the many core values that SWE upholds. We had productive conversations about growing leadership skills, the core values of SWE, how to run successful events throughout the year, and more. The retreat succeeded in educa... More
7th September, 2017
The SWE recruitment and retention team hosted an ice cream social as an outreach event to speak with new students about all things SWE. Older SWE members spoke with new students about the new school year, their experiences with SWE, and upcoming events all while enjoying ice cream together. ... More
14th September, 2017
At our first general meeting hosted by ExxonMobil we educated new and returning members of SWE of all of our exciting opportunities and events that we have as a society. We educated everyone on how to become a paid member, paid member perks, leadership opportunities, and all of our upcoming events.... More
15th September, 2017
Professional development and cooperate relations hosted a resume review session for students attending the career fair next week. Upperclassmen educated students on how to improve their resumes so that they would be better prepared for the career fair. ... More
1st September, 2017
We educated new engineering students at the student organization fair about SWE and all of our opportunities and upcoming events for the year. We did outreach with the new students to encourage them to get involved with our mentorship program, to attend professional development events to prepare fo... More



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