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20th September, 2018
Volunteer to send book care packages to Texas Inmates to encourage literacy!... More
19th September, 2018
We will help make fleece blankets at an outreach social and donate the blankets to a local homeless shelter. ... More
29th September, 2018
SWE volunteers helped with composting, beautification of UT gardens, and helped harvest food!... More
15th September, 2018
We volunteered at SPCA and helped with cleaning up after dogs and socialized with them!... More
26th September, 2018
Volunteers went to middle schools and mentored them through STEM activities to teach them about higher education and STEM education... More
1st October, 2018
Volunteers tutored and mentored middle school students to get them interested in high education and engineering... More
6th September, 2018
We made over 100 sandwiches to donate to a local food bank in Austin!... More
22nd September, 2018
Volunteered at a food pantry that serves underprivileged and low-income individuals and family.... More
3rd October, 2018
We wrote and decorated letters to send to sick children to cheer them up!... More
4th October, 2018
Helped with sorting, cleaning, boxing, and preparing food donations for distribution to families!... More
7th October, 2018
Helping with harvesting, composting, and the beautification of UT Campus! ... More



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