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11th October, 2018
This week, a couple SWE members helped the Challah for Hunger organization sell challah bread on campus to raise money that will go towards helping address humanitarian problems.... More
8th October, 2018
SWE organized a food drive to collect items to donate to the Interfaith Food pantry in Blacksburg, VA.... More
3rd October, 2018
We got to interact/pet/play with the animals at the Humane Society! These animals are in need ot loving homes and spend all day in small confines, some times for years. Animal socializers give enrichment and love into their lives.... More
3rd October, 2018
Eight SWE members got together to make 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to donate to the Rescue Mission, the local homeless shelter. ... More
4th October, 2018
Taught 5th graders at Auburn Elementary School with a fun and interactive activity... More
29th September, 2018
Walked dogs and played with cats at the animal shelter... More
29th September, 2018
"Every year volunteer teams from all over the Roanoke Valley join forces to remove trash from our streams, creeks and rivers and their vicinities." SWE cleaned up along a river that runs beside the local greenway. Total we picked up 10 bags of trash as well as larger items such as tires.... More
24th September, 2018
During the Adopt-a-Highway program, we picked up trash along the side of the road tp help improve the environmental quality of our community... More



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