Event Date:   4th October, 2020
Number of Volunteers:   19
Event total hours:   4

This year with Covid-19 we wanted to ensure we could still reach the same audience with our Girl Scout event, thus we switched to a completely virtual event. Since the Girl Scouts would be working on this individually we switched from 1 large project to stations to ensure they could get as much as possible from the event as well as keeping their attention. We kept the Green Engineering idea by having an environmental engineering stations as well as a station that focused on engineering design process. The 5 stations will be 15/20 minutes each and will give the Girl Scouts a broad range of what engineering is. After putting all of the materials together for each station, we distributed the bags with the zoom link. The day of the event we will have 5 breakout rooms (1 per station) with 1 SWE member leading the room the other volunteers answering questions, monitoring the chat, giving advice, helping anywhere needed and the Girl Scouts (will keep them organized by troop so they are with their friends). The 1 SWE member leading the station will be rotated throughout the breakout rooms and everyone else will stay in their original room to prevent technical difficulties.

5 stations
parachutes (aerospace engineer) ->engineering design process
slime (material science engineering)
catapults (mechanical engineering) -> engineering design process
pinwheels (environmental engineering)
and binary names (computer science)