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    How to Participate?

    • SWE Volunteers must sign-in the Volunteer Event & Release Form to participate (one form per event).
    • A group photo must be taken and match the number of volunteers on the Volunteer Event & Release Form.
    • SWE Volunteers must sign Photo Release Form (one form per event with signature from all volunteers).
    • SWE Volunteers must wear S2S t-shirt during the event provided by SLB through your SWE Section.

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    How to Submit an Event?

    A representative from your SWE section may be selected to submit the event with all required documentation. The events must be submitted to the s2schallenge.com website with relevant information (Volunteer Event & Release Form, video, photos or media files). Only one submission per event is allowed.

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    Where can I find the Volunteer Event & Release Form?

    The Volunteer Event & Release Form can be downloaded here. One form per event must be submitted.

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    Who is eligible to participate?

    The S2S Social Impact Challenge is open to all freshman, sophomore, junior or senior (May/June graduation) engineering majors who are members of a participating SWE section or partners organizations (WISEST, POWE). To see this year’s participating schools, please refer to the “SCOREBOARD”. Each section must submit a minimum of 2 volunteering events to be eligible for awards.

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    What is considered a volunteer event or service?

    Volunteering events,  must meet the guidelines set by the university. Events can be community service, educational or outreach.
    The following are examples of activities that will be count as service:
    • Time spent providing direct service for a non-profit or similar organization (e.g., nursing home, school)
    • Time spent participating in a charity event like a run/walk
    • Services provided to a non-profit organization that provide services to the community or other similar charity.
    • Service-learning activities that take place outside the classroom
    The following are examples of activities that will NOT be counted as service:
    • Paid employment (e.g., babysitting, service-related work tied to current employment)
    • Participation in non-service university-related events (e.g., working at Commencement)
    • Any activity related to the proselytizing of a religion or the campaigning for a candidate or policy
    • Internships with companies or organizations that do not provide a direct service to the community (e.g., issue advocacy group, government or congressional office)

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    Where can I volunteer?

    Participants can create or participate at volunteering events that are non-profit.
    Givepulse.com  or VolunteerMatch.org are a great ways to find volunteer and service learning opportunities in your area.