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1st November, 2019
Volunteers helped assemble bags, finalize and test activities, and put finishing touches on all of the components of our Girl Scout Engineering Day event.... More
31st October, 2019
Volunteers sorted and put together activity supplies, built demos, and crafted posters and signs for Colorado School of Mines' annual Girl Scout Engineering day being held this coming Saturday.... More
30th October, 2019
SWE volunteers went around the classrooms at Mines, and tested the dry erase markers. All dead dry erase markers were collected, and will be sent off to crayola to be recycled and re purposed in a sustainable manner.... More
30th October, 2019
Our mentors hosted an event for their mentees in which we talked about methods to stay organized during school, and in life in general. At this event, we provided supplies and tips for making bullet journals. Volunteers at this event helped with purchasing supplies, setting up, check in, leading the... More
30th October, 2019
SWE hosted a de-stress craft event for our general members, where we painted pumpkins, and had a costume contest! Volunteers helped set up, check in, judge the contests, and tear down the event.... More
30th October, 2019
Volunteers wrote postcards to high school girls who have been accepted to Mines in order to make them feel welcomed and supported by the student body. Additionally, we included tidbits about our SWE section and its benefits, and encouraged them to join the organization in the coming fall.... More
27th October, 2019
Volunteers helped the Children's Museum of Denver with their annual Trick or Treat Street event, by hosting up-cycling activities, welcoming guests, teaching crafts, handing out candy, and created shadow puppet stories with the kiddos!... More
26th October, 2019
Volunteers hosted a table for SWE where they talked to prospective students about the club, our goals and opportunities, and women in STEM overall.... More
26th October, 2019
Volunteers walked around the downtown Golden open space, to include Clear Creek, Lions Park, and surrounding bus stops and parking lots to gather trash and dispose of it properly.... More
25th October, 2019
SWE teamed up to send fun puns and words of encouragement to children at the local children's hospital in Denver. Each volunteer designed and sent about 10 cards to kiddos in the hospital, and learned several funny jokes/puns while doing so!... More
25th October, 2019
The CSM SWE section is working on a collaboration with ACCESS, a local after school club for first generation students. Coordinators met to plan out activities and schedule for the day of, as well as discuss learning objectives for the middle schoolers involved.... More
23rd October, 2019
The Mines SWE section held a recycling drive in order to repurpose large bottles, jugs, cans ect. We collected all of these things from our members over a week, and plan to reuse them for various activities in our outreach programs throughout the year to give them a new life!... More
23rd October, 2019
This lecture was sponsored by SWE, open to our general members. Members learned about the differences in research vs industry jobs, and also about the challenges and rewards of working on global teams. Volunteers helped set up and break down the event,... More
16th September, 2019
CSM SWE officers met to organize a graduate school panel, planned to take place on 9/25 for general members. The idea of this panel is to give our members a look at graduate school from a student's perspective. Our officers helped come up with the flow of the event, select speakers, and develop ques... More
23rd September, 2019
Officers met to discuss S2S feedback from their perspectives, as well as general members, in order to ensure our programs were meeting our goals. We debriefed past events, and talked about best practices for future ones in order to strengthen our outreach impact.... More
30th September, 2019
Officers met up for an eecutive board meeting, where we discussed updates to plans and events, debriefed past items, and went over club feedback on our activities and opportunities for general members.... More
7th October, 2019
The executive council for CSM SWE hosted a meeting open to members to express concerns and opinions about our current programs, future plans, and how members would like to see the club improve.... More
21st October, 2019
SWE Officers met to review a proposal given to us regarding a new mentor ship program at Mines asking for our participation. We discussed implications for our members, logistics, and assembled a plan to gauge feedback from the general SWE population before making out decision.... More
13th October, 2019
Volunteers helped with Denver Botanic Gardens' annual pumpkin festival by hosting carnival games, managing ticket sales, and helping guests in the pumpkin patch.... More
17th October, 2019
This was a SWE sponsored lecture for members in which we learned about what defines engineering, and some unconventional career paths one can achieve through the degree. The presenter spoke about her own experiences, as well as broad scale opportunities for women in STEM.... More
18th October, 2019
Volunteers signed up for Jefferson County Libraries' first annual Epic STEM fair, as mentors for the middle school teams. At this event, volunteers attended a training to learn more about the program, best practices for working with students, and begin to work out team assignments as the competition... More
18th October, 2019
Volunteers helped the Mines MAC organization with prep for homecoming events as the weekend kicks off. At this event, we helped set up for the annual bonfire, much needed due to the cold!... More
20th October, 2019
Volunteers assisted with Dinosaur Ridge's annual Girl Scouts on the Ridge event by hosting a science badge booth. Girls learned about static electricity, and chemical reactions with various kitchen ingredients. ... More
21st October, 2019
Volunteers assisted with the setup of Denver Botanical Garden's annual Glow at the Gardens event. We prepped, gutted, and carved over 180 pumpkins to be used for decoration at the event throughout the week!... More
5th October, 2019
Volunteers attended the Botanic Garden's Annual Family Corn Maze, helping with ticket sales, art installation information booths, and of course, navigating the maze!... More
2nd October, 2019
Members were invited to a SWE sponsored lecture which covered promoting yourself and your "products" effectively (i.e. leveraging your skills to achieve your goals!). Volunteers helped with set up, check in, and tear down of event.... More
21st September, 2019
This is a new event for Mines, designed and implemented by our VP of Outreach. Middle School girls were invited to Mines for a STEM conference, in which they completed nine science experiments dealing with science and engineering. Volunteers lead activities, helped guide groups through stations, and... More
17th September, 2019
Mines SWE Officers hosted an event for the Mines community in interest of spreading information about our club, the specific positions we hold, the goals of SWE, and the opportunities which we provide to our members. In order to make this more fun, we presented these facts about SWE as a trivia game... More
18th September, 2019
This was a SWE sponsored lecture, open to our general members and presented by Heather Doty, SWE National President for the upcoming year. Heather spoke to our members about the importance of prioritization, scilencing your inner critic, and accepting failure. Our SWE members volunteered for the set... More
20th September, 2019
Volunteers helped assemble goody bags, create "luggage tags", make group signs, and prepared general supplies for a STEM conference for middle school girls held at Mines.... More
22nd September, 2019
Volunteers helped with the "Day out with Thomas" annual event held at the Colorado Railroad Museum. We helped lead activity booths, run ticket sales, and manage visitor photo booths!... More
25th September, 2019
Members were invited to a SWE sponsored info session about graduate school opportunities, its pros and cons, and tips about applying from current grad students. Volunteers helped with organization, check in, set up, question moderation, and tear down.... More
26th September, 2019
SWE hosted a session at Mitchell Elementary's Math and Science Night where we taught kids about gravity via painting with pendulums. Ladies worked one-on-one with students to make messy masterpieces!... More
28th September, 2019
Volunteers lead a session which allowed cub scouts to get their Super Science Badge. Experiments dealt with static electricity, density, and color morphing... More
28th September, 2019
Volunteers hosted a table for SWE where they talked to prospective students about the club, our goals and opportunities, and women in STEM overall.... More



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