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1st November, 2019
Members made scrunchies to sell for THON benefitting pediatric cancer research... More
30th October, 2019
SWE members ran an Alumni talk for younger students to learn success strategies from a former SWE member... More
29th October, 2019
SWE members visited our THON child to show him and his family that they are not alone in their cancer journey. Our day included carving pumpkins and playing tag at a local playground all while showing off our cool halloween costumes!... More
29th October, 2019
Members volunteered to build our homecoming float in the theme of scooby doo and acted on it in the parade... More
27th October, 2019
Members ran a concession stand at the arena on Penn States campus in order to raise money for pediatric Cancer research... More
27th October, 2019
Members made pillowcase dresses for young girls oversees... More
27th October, 2019
Members ran a Halloween bingo at a local senior center for its residents... More
24th October, 2019
Members donated items to be put in halloween care packages for children of PSU Engineering Faculty... More
22nd October, 2019
Members made plastic yarn out of plastic bags that will be used to make bags, mats, and sleeping bags for people oversees... More
23rd October, 2019
Members asked people to donate a quarter to tell us why they are happy. All proceeds benefit pediatric cancer research... More
18th October, 2019
Members sold baked goods to raise money for pediatric cancer research... More
17th October, 2019
Members asked people do donate a quarter to THON to tell us why they are happy today. All money raised benefits Pediatric Cancer Research... More
17th October, 2019
Member Relations Team set up and ran a kickoff for PSUs SWE mentorship program... More
17th October, 2019
Members ran a fall craft night to de-stress from midterms... More
17th October, 2019
PSU SWE members volunteered at the student farm, prepping the crop beds for winter... More
15th October, 2019
SWE members led a halloween themed STEM activity for elementary school kids... More
15th October, 2019
Members held a trivia night to benefit pediatric cancer research... More
15th October, 2019
Members met to discuss fundraising ideas for THON that benefits pediatric cancer research... More
14th October, 2019
The SWE Officers met to brainstorm and discuss new ideas for outreach and service events so that we can better serve the state college community... More
13th October, 2019
Members ran a 5K benefitting pediatric cancer research... More
12th October, 2019
Volunteers helped to tear down and transport a STEM exhibit from a local festival... More
12th October, 2019
Volunteers helped to set-up a STEM exhibit for a local festival... More
10th October, 2019
Helped clean up the local arboretum.... More
8th October, 2019
Members of PSU SWE set-up and ran a major night event for first year students to help them decide their major and tell them about prior experiences in their major. ... More
4th October, 2019
SWE members set up a STEM exhibit at discovery space, a local K-12 outreach facility in the community... More
3rd October, 2019
Members assisted a local outreach program, discovery space, in transporting a STEM learning exhibit to a local library for k-12 students... More
29th September, 2019
Students of Penn State SWE volunteered to run concession stands for a concert in the Bryce Jordan Center. A portion of the proceeds from this event are donated to pediatric cancer research... More
25th September, 2019
Members of PSU SWE sold old merchandise, raising money to benefit pediatric cancer research... More
25th September, 2019
Volunteers helped to run the Architectural Engineering Career Fair on campus by helping employers set up booths and checking students in throughout the day... More
17th September, 2019
Volunteers from the Penn State SWE chapter ran the engineering networking reception for our fall career days here on campus. Responsibilities included checking in students, directing employers and students to correct networking rooms, and keeping refreshments supplied to employers and students. Volu... More
17th September, 2019
Students attended the red cross blood drive and volunteered by giving blood or by volunteering to help with check in... More



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