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16th September, 2019 - 1st November, 2019
We created a video highlighting our experiences volunteering during S2S this year. Enjoy!... More
29th October, 2019
SWE members volunteered in the community by picking up trash in our local park.... More
21st October, 2019
SWE members prepared to hold a bridge-building workshop at a middle/elementary school by assembling bags of gumdrops and toothpicks prior to the event.... More
27th October, 2019
SWE members volunteered by walking rescue dogs at a local animal shelter. ... More
26th October, 2019
SWE members volunteered with a local organization that aims to get young women involved in STEM. Volunteers assisted at a Saturday camp where the girls were working on building engineering based projects for a showcase at the end of the year.... More
16th October, 2019
SWE members volunteered by serving food at the Tulane TIS student faculty dinner.... More
22nd October, 0219 - 22nd October, 2019
SWE members ran a workshop for students at a before care program at JC Ellis Middle/Elementary School. Volunteers helped the students build gumdrop and toothpick bridges and then test how much weight they could hold. ... More
20th October, 2019
SWE members volunteered by transporting puppies to a dog yoga event and gave attendees information on adoption.... More
18th October, 2019
SWE members volunteered at Kipp Morial School. They ran a workshop where they created virus models with 5th and 6th grade students.... More
20th October, 2019
SWE volunteers held a station in the Superdome at the New Orleans STEM Fest. They taught local kids/families about the basics of circuits with interactive computer games. ... More
11th October, 2019
SWE volunteers ran a workshop at a local elementary school. They spent the morning teaching kindergarteners the basics of electrical circuits using basic circuit materials and conductive clay. ... More
10th October, 2019
SWE members volunteered at a local center for people with developmental disabilities. They helped by recycling old Mardi Gras beads to be cleaned and re-used. ... More
5th October, 2019
The Freret Street Market is held on the first Saturday of every month and provides a platform where local New Orleans artists can sell their work. SWE volunteers helped set up tents and tables for the event.... More
5th October, 2019
BATS is an all-day event where local middle-school-aged boys attend various STEM workshops on Tulane’s campus. Our SWE chapter hosted a welcome table in the morning where we introduced the students to the basics of electric circuits. Additionally, SWE volunteers mentored the students through an en... More
5th October, 2019
SWE members volunteered at the New Orleans Beignet Fest. They spent the afternoon removing non-recycling materials from the recycling cans at the end of the event.... More
4th October, 2019
SWE members volunteered at a local animal shelter. They spent the afternoon walking the shelter dogs.... More
4th October, 2019
SWE volunteers prepared the materials for a STEM workshop event hosted by Tulane for middle-school-aged boys in the community. Volunteers gathered materials for the lunch-time bridge building engineering design activity and friendly afternoon bridge busting competition. ... More
10th September, 2019
SWE volunteers gave underclassmen a tour of the Tulane Maker Space. They demonstrated how the equipment worked and made a custom SWE keychain with the laser cutter for all attendees. ... More
8th October, 2019
SWE volunteers assisted graduate students who ran a workshop where they extracted DNA from a strawberry at Esperanza Middle School.... More



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