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3rd October, 2020
SWE members watered the flower beds as part of our beautification project!... More
27th October, 2020
SWE members volunteered to set up and tutor engineering students in undergraduate classes of varying engineering disciplines in a Joint Study Night with NSBE, SHPE, ASCE, and ASME!... More
26th October, 2020
In this outreach event, SWE members held a Q&A with HS students about their college and internship experience, and the benefits of pursuing a career in STEM!... More
25th October, 2020
SWE members partnered with the Society of Petroleum Engineers at UH (SPE) to package boxes of food at the Houston Food Bank... More
24th October, 2020
SWE members are dedicated in their mission to make feminine products accessible to women with yet another feminine products restocking event!... More
24th October, 2020
As a continuation of our campus beautification project, SWE members tended to the garden by taking out weeds and making sure our plants stayed hydrated!... More
17th October, 2020
SWE members "gathered" together to make virtual cards for hospital patients and nurses using the 'Create the Good' website!... More
15th October, 2020 - 16th October, 2020
SWE participated in the biannual Engineering Organization Fair, a two day virtual event, where we focused on recrutiing new members and talked about the awesome benefits of joining SWE!... More
3rd October, 2020
For our second partnership with FRN, SWE members delivered food donations from various Snap kitchen locations to the ReCenter location.... More
26th September, 2020
SWE members planted new flowers and weeded out the flower beds to restore the beauty of the SWE garden!... More
24th September, 2020
In collaboration with the Food Recovery Network at UH (FRN), SWE packaged and distributed food to cars.... More
26th September, 2020
SWE members restocked the women bathrooms with feminine products!... More



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