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19th September, 2019
We set up a booth and gave out snow cones to engineering majors, and encouraged them to join SWE at the annual Beginning of Semester party hosted by the Cullen College of Engineering at our University... More
1st November, 2019
We volunteered to show the SWE Houston Area professional section around our campus. We helped them decide which rooms to book for an event and helped them with the process.... More
31st October, 2019
We cleaned out our closet and area in our shared common space in the engineering building. (We have a lounge shared with other engineering organizations on campus, and we cleaned our area)... More
16th October, 2019
Had a booth in which we encouraged attendees to pursue engineering. This took place at the University's Planetary Congress event, in which they brought six astronauts to talk about their lives. ... More
1st November, 2019
Coordinated STEM related activities for 90 middle school girls... More
26th October, 2019
SWE members weeded the front plant bed of the Engineering building at our school... More
26th October, 2019
Put together volunteer packets for future outreach activities.... More
5th October, 2019
We volunteered to help organize and coordinate the girls at the Girlstart event at Alief Taylor High School in Houston.... More
16th October, 2019
We volunteered and formed a team to participate in an Academic Olympiad event against other engineering organizations at our University. We encouraged friendly competition and the pursuit of knowledge, as well as helped with the creation of the event.... More
4th October, 2019
We installed feminine products in the women's restrooms at the Cullen College of Engineering on campus. We also assembled the products into cute baskets and decorated them.... More
21st September, 2019
Participated in STEM based activities with elementary and middle school kids at Lake Jackson museum for their Science Fest.... More



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