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6th November, 2023 - 6th November, 2023
SWE officers hosted a study social for members to stop by during midterm season! Snacks were provided so members could get their study on!... More
27th October, 2023
A local high school reached out to our SWE chapter to discuss what being a woman in engineering is like. Students were particularly interested in learning about projects that members were participating in such as Humanitarianism! Additionally, members shared resources that highschoolers can use to s... More
5th November, 2023
Members from Advancement branch got together and hiked along Barton Creek! In an effort to be more sustainable, each member was given a reusable bag to pick up trash throughout the hike!... More
31st October, 2023
Members got together to decorate pumpkins to leave at peoples dormsteps for Halloween! Members were encouraged to come dressed up to celebrate the Halloween spirit... More
2nd November, 2023
We painted pots to grow plants in and distributed them among UT students to promote sustainability.... More
1st November, 2023
SWE members from Publicity Committee got together to make bracelets for students at UT! These bracelets had positive words on them to put a smile to students amongst midterm season!... More
1st October, 2023 - 31st October, 2023
SWE members got together during GMs and tabling events to collect cans for the Central Texas Food Bank. This food bank was taking donations for their Thanksgiving Meal Box kits that are given to families in need. ... More
23rd October, 2023
Officers got together to host a study social for members to stop by and study! Snacks and drinks were provided along with good vibes and calming music for this stressful midterm season!... More
14th October, 2023
A few SWE members got together and volunteered at Dell Childrens Medical Center. ... More
20th October, 2023
We wrote a variety of encouraging letters for Cards for Kids.... More
21st October, 2023
SWE participated in the World of Engineering Day at UT! This volunteer event consisted of over 200 families (almost 500 attendees) coming to the engineering building and getting to learn more about STEM/Engineering through hands on activities! We were able to teach kids K-12 about magnetism, how to ... More
21st October, 2023
Our volunteers attended 3 different shifts on a Saturday to aid TUMC in selling and organizing pumpkins at their pumpkin patch. ... More
20th October, 2023
We crochet plastic bags into dog toys and will be donating what we made to Austin Pets alive.... More
19th October, 2023 - 20th October, 2023
To prepare for one of our Outreach Events, we got together and created magnetic slime kits to give out to kids! We'll be passing these out to kids K-12 so they can learn about magnetism at home!... More
20th October, 2023
We made bracelets with empowering and thoughtful messages which will be donated to Radiant G. ... More
19th October, 2023
Project SWE, a group within SWE that promotes equity in kids interested in STEM, got together to create menstrual hygiene kits! Members collected menstrual products at general meetings and put them together to donate to local women's shelters!... More
21st September, 2023
SWE members got together to write notes to their favorite UT faculty, staff, and proffessors! Through this event we hope to bring a smile to the hard workers that make being a student at UT so much fun!... More
12th September, 2023 - 21st September, 2023
In an effort to be more sustainable, SWE asked members and officers to bring in their reusable or old grocery bags! With the collected bags, members will get together in the future to host a sustainability event where they will be used for crafts!... More
27th September, 2023
SWE members got together to destress and paint their engineering struggles away! In an effort to be more sustainable, one of our officers led an origami portion where members brought old exams/cheat sheets/and notes they were no longer using to make origami! Happy Place Painting offers members a rel... More
13th October, 2023
Volunteers get to paint canvases while talking with a Chevron representative, who is a UT alumnus, about imposter syndrome.... More
16th October, 2023
Outreach got together to lead a crocheting cat toys workshop! Members and officers learned the crochet basics to create their very own crocheted cat toys. All toys that were created at this workshop will be donated to the Austin Pets Alive foundation, a charity that focuses on on saving all animals ... More
2nd October, 2023
In an effort to be more inclusive, SWE organized a Sign Language workshop! This workshop consisted of learning the ASL alphabet, basic greetings, and how to introduce yourself to someone via fingerspelling and signs. This workshop was hosted to help members and officers build relationships with peop... More
20th September, 2023
SWE members got together to write positive affirmations in the SWE office. We spread these positive notes throughout the office and gave a few to strangers in the engineering area to brighten their day!... More
21st September, 2023
For this event, a few members got together to write positive affirmations on a white board to lighten up SWE officers and members.... More



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