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23rd October, 2019
We made for cards to give to the elderly/senior people. We are going to send these letters to an organization called"love for the elderly" that collects cards and mails them to elders in senior communities across the globe... More
19th October, 2019
SWE worked with the College of Engineering and the College of Natural Sciences to hold a collaborative event to celebrate the culture of our students. SWE participated with sign-ins and having students place a pin on the map for where they are from.... More
16th November, 2019
SWE hosted its annual Pumpkin Painting Social with a twist! This year we had our members paint there fears on the pumpkin and then smash it. During the event we also had a quick presentation about mental health and what resources UT offers for mental health care.... More
21st October, 2019
We got together to knit blankets to donate to the animal shelter! We also discussed upcoming S2S events as well as our High School Mentorship program.... More
15th October, 2019
We hosted our general meeting, where we had representatives from Sandia national laboratories come over to talk to our members about research opportunities and how to approach research as an undergraduate student and at Sandia. We served sandwiches. ... More
10th October, 2019
A new initiative was started wherein SWE members would decide on one book to read, and discuss the book, with fellow members in biweekly meetings. Snacks were also provided to members that helped them bond over a nice discussion of the plot and character development of the story and take a break fro... More
14th October, 2019
We got together to make homemade cat and dog toys for a local Austin animal shelter! We also talked about upcoming outreach events.... More
12th October, 2019
We partnered with Texas Wildflower Center to help move over 200 pounds of mulch and weed their flower beds.... More
9th October, 2019
This was the second installment of our annual Cards for Kids event! This is in partnership with Cards for Hospitalized Kids to provide cards to children that are currently hospitalized.... More
9th October, 2019
UTSWE held our first mentorship meeting at Connally High School. During our meeting, we had the students do NASA's On Target activity where we try and get a marble to hit a target. While we worked we also talked to the students about engineering and college applications.... More
2nd October, 2019
SWE members got together to write cards for kids currently in the hospital! We also combined this with our outreach committee meeting to help plan mentorship.... More
9th October, 2019
We provided cookies and decorating supplies for UT Austin Engineering students to stop by on their way to class during midterm season. A small thing to help make someones day a little better!... More
8th October, 2019
All of our SWE officers got together and discussed what events would best benefit the development of our members. We talked about the upcoming outreach mentorship program and began planning for our high school camp partnership with the women in engineering program at UT Austin.... More
3rd October, 2019
After a hard week of school, we provided FREE burritos to all SWE members! We spoke with them about upcoming outreach events and how they can get involved in SWE!... More
23rd September, 2019
We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to donate to a local soup kitchen. ... More
24th September, 2019
Our SWE officers all got together to discuss the upcoming events and how to best tackle them! We spoke about our plan for S2S and came up with a solid schedule moving forward. Officers were also educated on how to deal with money and members.... More
17th September, 2019
This was an informational event to inform members about upcoming outreach events such as S2S and mentorship. We also had two graduate students come in to speak about their experiences in grad school and how to apply! We also fed them tacos to celebrate a successful start to the year!... More
1st January, 1970
We made sandwiches to donate for the homeless. Then, we also spoke to our volunteers about our upcoming mentorship opportunities and other ways to be involved in the outreach team. Members brainstormed ideas about projects we could do for our mentorship activity. ... More



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