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28th October, 2022
We collected plastic bags from our members to make plarn and learned how to make scrubbies out of them as a sustainable, reusable way to repurpose plastic bags.... More
25th October, 2022
SWE Outreach has been collecting donations of household items from members which we will package later this week to donate to the Caritas of Austin and Salvation Army.... More
19th October, 2022
SWE Members joined in on this event to create SWE-et greeting cards for children in the hospital!... More
24th October, 2022
At College Prep Day with Frisco ISD, we presented our tips for building resumes, asking for letters of recommendations, finding scholarships, and knowing how credit from AP, IB, and community college can be transferred to UT. Afterwards, we had a Q&A session to help the students answer questions... More
17th October, 2022
SWE members gathered round to learn sign language! In this event, members tested their sign language knowledge through mini-games such as a spin on the game "telephone" and quizzes on different fingerspelling of specific companies.... More
27th October, 2022
SWE handed out pumpkins and paint to students and taught them how to use it as a tool for destressing during midterms. ... More
12th October, 2022
Our members worked on baking yummy treats to donate in our series of collaborations with local shelters and other nonprofits to aid the homeless.... More
15th October, 2022
SWE Outreach visited the TUMC Church to help them sell pumpkins for Halloween and raise money for the church.... More
13th October, 2022
SWE members got together and learned to crochet cat toys! The toys made by the members will be donated to a local pet shelter in Austin. ... More
12th October, 2022
Our members worked on baking yummy treats to donate in our series of collaborations with local shelters and other nonprofits to aid the homeless.... More
11th October, 2022
We invited a few students and members of SWE to stop by the SWE Office and take an encouraging sticky note!... More
10th October, 2022
UT SWE partnered with SHPE to host a lesson on Latin Dance where our members learned some moves as well about the culture and what this heritage month means.... More
28th September, 2022
With UT Green, SWE planned an event to take old containers and repurpose them by planting them with seeds!... More
27th September, 2022
SWE is leading a sock drive for all members to donate any new/slightly used socks they have, which we can then donate to the homeless shelter in Austin!... More
25th September, 2022
We wrote encouraging sticky note messages to leave in the SWOffice for our fellow peers and students to look at every day for encouragement.... More
23rd September, 2022
Our branch wrote thank you cards for the staff and faculty in ESS to thank them for all their hard work everyday.... More
21st September, 2022
SWE Outreach led an informational panel with the SWE chapter of Frisco ISD where we answered questions about engineering, UT, and college life. ... More
14th September, 2022
UT SWE is moving towards becoming more sustainable this year. One of our big initiatives is sorting waste between trash and compost and making sure our members are aware of what can go in the compost bin!... More
14th September, 2022
SWE Outreach helped to host a coffee discussion with Advancement where we discussed and educated members on inhumane issues going on in the world and how we can help to alleviate these issues.... More
15th September, 2022
We held a mental health session with SWE where we discussed issues around imposter syndrome that people face every day. We followed this with a pottery painting session with our attendees!... More
14th September, 2022
Our officers are leading the initiative for proper waste management with our members! With this event, our goal was to educate and inspire our members on how to properly sort recyclables out of the trash to keep them out of the landfill. ... More



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