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17th September, 2021
Setting up food, ushering participants and guiding speakers to rooms... More
30th September, 2021
Join us to take a break from midterm studying and do some yoga!... More
25th October, 2021
Packing lunches to donate to nearby shelters. We also made additional lunches to hand out to students in the EER... More
13th September, 2021 - 1st November, 2021
throughout the duration of S2S some members fostered a plant to help with mental health ... More
1st October, 2021
Creating awareness for students across campus about SWE and women engineers ... More
29th October, 2021
Come play games and a mental health break that are Halloween themed ... More
10th October, 2021
Inviting members to learn more about how to improve diversity in the cockrell school of engineering... More
29th October, 2021
Come do homework and study with us... More
2nd October, 2021
Come learn with us on how to be a better leader within campus ... More
29th October, 2021
Today we discussed how male allies in the engineering community can contribute towards gender equality and diversity and inclusion.... More
28th October, 2021
We painted little artificial pumpkins while jamming out to some Halloween tunes and snacking on some cookies.... More
23rd October, 2021
Volunteers carved multiple pumpkins to donate to different engineering buildings across the campus ... More
26th October, 2021
Handing out socks and hand warmers to students in the EER on a chilly day ... More
26th October, 2021 - 29th October, 2021
A whole week of promoting mental health for engineering students ... More
25th October, 2021
Making goody bags for the SWE members ... More
22nd October, 2021
Collecting used books to donate to local schools ... More
9th October, 2021
Cleaning the student leadership office for other organizations ... More
4th October, 2021
Come study with us and work on various different assignments. ... More
17th October, 2021
Collecting old shoes and clothing to donate ... More
13th October, 2021
Hang out with our officers and we’ll answer any questions you have about classes, registration or life in college ... More
1st October, 2021
Studying and socializing together in the EER ... More
29th September, 2021
Decorating the office with inspirational quotes from women engineers across history ... More
27th October, 2021
Volunteers came to the SWE office to make the office halloween ready! ... More
23rd September, 2021
Setting up collected period products in the bathrooms of the engineering buildings ... More
24th September, 2021
Having an engineering school wide drive to collect non perishable items for CTFB... More
22nd September, 2021
Tie dying our chapters SWE shirts to be individualized and customizable ... More
20th September, 2021
Giving chips and drinks to students who are studying in the EER as a mental health break... More
17th September, 2021
Destressing with members by playing board games ... More
28th October, 2021
We spent time with SWE members learning how to crochet. We made cute little cat toys that we will donate to animal shelters.... More
5th October, 2021
Creating Longhorn themed art to donate to the school of engineering... More
10th October, 2021
Taking time out of a busy class day to take an active mental health break!... More
13th October, 2021
Creating written or video book reviews for a local organization looking to build literacy skills and a love for reading in the community. ... More
2nd October, 2021
Collecting Fall Decorations to donate to local shelters and buildings on campus... More
30th September, 2021
We learned about the importance of practicing mindfulness in our busy and stressful lives. We then implemented our learns and practiced mindfulness for a bit while we were there!... More
11th October, 2021
Creating Virtual and physical cards to mail out to Cardz for Kidz in Chicago. The cards will be donated to children's hospitals across the nation. ... More
8th October, 2021
We collected monetary and nonperishable food donations to donate to Austin Central Food Bank. ... More
6th October, 2021
Working with the UT community to spend an afternoon listening to music and painting emotions in an abstract art style. A fun way to de-stress and promote mental awareness... More
30th September, 2021
We collected unwanted clothing from students to donate to the less fortunate... More
1st October, 2021
Having wholesome and transparent conversation about being a woman in a male dominated environment ... More
28th September, 2021
During the stressful week of midterms, we left some funny jokes for students to see as they walk to their classes. We hope these jokes leave them with a little less stress and a little more joy!... More
21st September, 2021
Created some cards with kind words to be given to students and mentors!... More
26th September, 2021
We will be improving the beauty and health of the park by removing invasive plants and celebrating National Cleanup Day by ridding the greenbelt of all rubbish!... More
21st September, 2021
Handing out cards with motivational notes to general SWE members and engineering community... More
27th September, 2021
Creating Dog toys out of donated t-shirts to donate to the local animal shelter... More
16th September, 2021
Wrote some cute notes at the Engineering Education Research center for students to see while they walk to their classes!... More



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