Volunteering events,  must meet the guidelines set by the university. Events can be community service, educational or outreach.
The following are examples of activities that will be count as service:
  • Time spent providing direct service for a non-profit or similar organization (e.g., nursing home, school)
  • Time spent participating in a charity event like a run/walk
  • Services provided to a non-profit organization that provide services to the community or other similar charity.
  • Service-learning activities that take place outside the classroom
The following are examples of activities that will NOT be counted as service:
  • Paid employment (e.g., babysitting, service-related work tied to current employment)
  • Participation in non-service university-related events (e.g., working at Commencement)
  • Any activity related to the proselytizing of a religion or the campaigning for a candidate or policy
  • Internships with companies or organizations that do not provide a direct service to the community (e.g., issue advocacy group, government or congressional office)