Social Impact

Serve to Succeed (S2S) Social Impact Challenge, sponsored by SLB, is a distinct challenge where SWE sections and members give back to society by volunteering their time to community organizations or charities to turn ideas into positive real-world impact. It is also a great opportunity for those sections to win money and support their section while bringing social responsibility and empowering our communities to drive change for good.

S2S Challenge is about people and the things we do together to positively impact our communities and the environment. It is about the volunteer work we do in our local communities and our efforts to make a difference.


Important Dates

September 11, 2023 Contest opens to participating SWE sections
October 26-28, 2023 SWE 2023 National Conference (In-Person) Los Angeles, CA
November 6, 2023 Final date for entries. Entries must be submitted by midnight CST
November 13, 2023 Sections winners announced!
December 4, 2023 Awards presented to winners and sections!


Volunteering Events Guidelines

STEP 1 - 2 or more SWE members find and coordinate a volunteering opportunity.

STEP 2 - Put on your S2S t-shirt and take videos and photos of the event.

STEP 3 - Submit your entry and upload your video, photos and forms to win money for your SWE section.



  • SWE Volunteers must sign Release Form (one form per event with signature from all volunteers)

  • Each event must be accompanied with media content (videos, photos, posters)

  • Videos should not be longer than 2 minutes


Global Stewardship Report

Global Stewardship Report

Global Stewardship is a pillar upon which SLB seeks to increase the sustainability of the ways in which the oil and gas industry finds, develops, and produces hydrocarbons.

Our strong focus on integrity and corporate responsibility enables us to take pride in our work and empowers us to enhance the well-being of the communities where we live and work.

Download the Report